Designed to take the hassle out of managing healthcare for people suffering with multiple chronic conditions.

Live your life. Live it well.

CPS is proud to play an important role in helping you live your life well. We know that the pain you experience can often come in the way of doing the things you dream of. Because our patients’ well-being is paramount to us, we are pleased to introduce CPSCares, a comprehensive wellness program designed to help patients suffering with multiple chronic conditions. Our goal is to take the hassle out of managing your healthcare. We strive to treat you well. In addition to establishing goals that promote good habits around your health and wellness, CPSCares incorporates the coordination of all your chronic conditions (sometimes referred to as Chronic Care Management or CCM), even those that are not specific to the pain we are currently helping you manage.

What can you expect from CPSCares?

A comprehensive Care Plan that includes goals around


What are your personal goals and what are the steps necessary to achieve them?

Health Management

We help you understand all the components of your current care and the resources available to help you live well.


Living well means gaining control of your physical well-being. What are the steps you can take to be healthy?


Having emotional support and resources available is key to your overall well-being. We help you understand what your specific needs are and how to achieve them.


We help you identify and overcome the things in your environment that get in the way of your success and well-being.

Coordination of care

with other healthcare providers on your team. We keep your entire team up to date on your goals and success. In addition, we can help arrange care with healthcare professionals who can help you on your wellness journey. This can include arranging consultation and care from nutritionists, trainers, coaches, pharmacists, mental health professionals— anyone needed to support your goals and help you achieve success. We can identify resources, arrange your visits, and even help coordinate transportation if you need it!

24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week

to a healthcare provider to address urgent chronic care needs.

Medication management

of all your medications from a licensed pharmacist who is fully aware of your medical history and care goals. Our pharmacists are a part of your care team and have direct professional relationships with your CPS provider.

This extensive approach to managing your chronic conditions includes services provided by your entire CPSCares team. The program includes care and support that is delivered by phone, email, text and through your personal patient care portal. While all the services provided may not involve a face-to-face meeting with your provider, this care is directed and managed by your CPS provider and is covered by your Medicare insurance. Patients without a secondary insurance are responsible for the co-pays and deductibles outlined in your individual health plan.

Written consent is required to participate in the CPSCares Chronic Care Management program. CCM services may only be delivered by one provider during a calendar month. You may opt out of services at the end of any month by verbally communicating with your CPSCares Coordinator at 615-418-1817 or by emailing them at