What is VMA?

VMA is an advanced method of measuring spinal motion through flex-ex x-rays. Traditional flex-ex imaging requires physicians to measure spine motion from x-rays by hand. These results are highly variable, but because flex-ex data is so important, it is still ordered over 5 million times each year in the US—more than spine CT and MR imaging combined. VMA testing is just as specific, but 500% more sensitive in detecting lumbar radiographic instability as compared to flex-ex imaging.

VMA offers a new diagnostic tool that provides additional imaging data to surgeons, which may help him/her more accurately locate the source of the spinal issues.

VMA (Vertebral Motion Analysis) is an FDA-cleared system for assessing spinal motion, including lumbar and cervical radiographic instability.

VMA Overview


Case Study: Assessment of Cervical Fusion Status

Case Study: Adjacent Level Issues

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