CPS was founded in 2005 with a vision of experienced physicians and staff dedicated to identifying and treating all types of pain. By offering a multimodal approach to pain, CPS focuses on helping patients to regain life and achieve optimal outcomes. We are committed to meeting our patient’s individual needs by providing them with high-quality care and personal attention. Our mission is to help people. We want to increase their quality of life so that they can do the simple things in life...with a smile. We are serious help for serious pain.

CPS is committed to meeting our patient’s individual needs by providing them with high-quality care and personal attention at every touch point. In conjunction with office visits, services may include medication management, injections, procedures and nutrition services. Our providers evaluate each patient and support an overall health and wellness approach.

CPS assists patients with short-term needs as well as those seeking a more permanent pain management solution. We offer over 30 procedures that focus on getting to the root of the pain rather than masking in all areas with medication. In addition, only 2% of patients that have not previously been on pain medication are put on a treatment plan with medication.

Often times, patients that come to CPS are already on high level of opioids. Our providers evaluate the patient and either lower the medication intake or even eliminate it altogether. Opioids can play a role in managing pain and we know the importance of this being managed and prescribed responsibly.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing pain. We are committed to safe, responsible care. That includes limiting the use of dangerous medications that can put you patients at risk.

We will work with our patients to design a plan to improve symptoms, function, and quality of life while minimizing the adverse effects that can happen with excessive use of medications.

Accidental overdose and other injuries that occur as a result of opioid misuse are at an all-time high. The opioid epidemic has drawn the attention of the CDC, legislators, and the media. It is at the top of mind of both our government and healthcare leaders, and broad-sweeping changes are being made. CPS is proud to be the leader in responsible pain management.

Comprehensive Pain Specialists began conducting clinical trials in 2005 under the direction of Peter Kroll, Principal Investigator and Laura Fisher, VP of Clinical Research. Our seasoned research team has an impressive combined 35+ year history of clinical research experience. We have also conducted over 150 + clinical trials cumulatively. As a department, we have published multiple journal articles, presented research data at several national conferences, and provided expert review of multiple research protocols. Each member of our research team has had extensive clinical research training related to Good Clinical Practice, the ethical protection of human subjects, and a myriad of other educational modules. We are dedicated to providing our patients with cutting edge research and to providing excellent quality research to the medical community.

We are committed to lead the charge. CRI is a collaborative effort of CPS physicians, investigators, and staff who wish to advance science for the common good. By centralizing our research endeavors, we can provide the necessary oversight and review of all research data to ensure the highest quality of data is collected and presented in the most efficient manner. After all, we are experts in chronic pain research.

We are committed to fight pain. Our passionate researchers at CRI are dedicated to find alternatives to chronic pain management. In doing so, we work on various innovative projects from investigational medications to assisting with novel product development to compiling data for alternative compounds. All of our innovative research efforts are simply an attempt to make pain better.

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CPS is proud to play an important role in helping patients live their life well. We know that the pain people experience can often come in the way of doing the things they dream of. Because our patients’ well-being is paramount to us, we started CPSCares in 2016, a comprehensive wellness program designed to help patients suffering with multiple chronic conditions. Our goal is to take the hassle out of patients managing their healthcare. We strive to treat them well. In addition to establishing goals that promote good habits around health and wellness, CPSCares incorporates the coordination of all chronic conditions (sometimes referred to as Chronic Care Management or CCM), even those that are not specific to the pain we are currently helping manage. We understand that lifestyle changes can play a large role in managing pain.

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What our patients say about us

The Cleveland clinic staff are very professional and polite and made me feel very comfortable in their knowledge to help me.

Cleveland, Tennessee

Jeremy at the front desk is the epitome of professionalism. I really enjoy talking with him. Dr. Disckerson is great nothing in question and I love Tara and Dean - They all listen to me and care about getting me out of pain.

Centennial, Tennessee

Tara has always been excellent and professional she listens well and always finds an answer. The office has proved well to work with my insurance as difficult as it is.

Centennial, Tennessee

The clinic has been so helpful to me. The people always care and make you feel welcome and they care about you.

Centennial, Tennessee

Dr. Gross was compassionate and very nice. I really like him.

McComb, Mississippi

CPS is an In-Network Provider with Most Insurance Companies

A self-pay option is available for uninsured patients only.